Personal Inflation Calculator

Welcome to the personal inflation calculator. The consumer price index (CPI) is the official measure of consumer inflation in South Africa. The CPI is based on the total expenditure of all South African households in a particular year. The proportions of this expenditure form the weights of the CPI. The month-to-month changes in the CPI are based on a survey of approximately 80 000 prices gathered from a variety of outlets and service providers across the country.

How it works

This inflation calculator is aimed at allowing the public to gauge what their own inflation rate might be. The calculator allows you to capture your own personal expenditure patterns as weights. The price indices as compiled each month for the CPI are then applied to these weights to calculate your personal inflation rate (official inflation indices can be found here). In order to keep the calculator user friendly, aggregated indices are used. When inputting your expenditure, you should exclude any payments that are of a savings or investment nature (e.g. pension contributions, life insurance, purchase of unit trusts). Income tax and debt repayments should also not be recorded.

Conditions of use

The personal inflation rates generated by this tool have no official standing. Stats SA strongly advises anyone against using these personal inflation rates in any legal or contractual matter. Neither Statistics South Africa nor any of its staff will be held liable for any loss accruing to anyone as a result of using the calculator. By clicking on the button to proceed, you acknowledge and agree to the conditions of use.

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